Air Conditioning

Even on the most humid days, our air conditioners will keep your temperatures exactly where you set them, using only the energy that’s needed.

We understand your comfort needs are top priority… and that every company’s needs are different, which is why we’ve got you covered from the get go. Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioner or just need yours tuned up for the long haul, Airtouch Cooling Systems is here to serve all of your HVAC needs. Our experts are ready to help redefine the word comfort for you and your office.

VRF System

VRF system with R410a gas and condensation control, consisting of 1-4 outdoor units and, depending on the size and the number of outdoor modules, 2-80 indoor units of the following types: Cassette 600×600, 840×840, 910×910 (false ceiling installation), Floor-Ceiling (wall or ceiling installation), Low-head Ducted or High-head Ducted (horizontal installation), Console (floor installation), Wall (wall installation). The outdoor unit uses DC inverter technology on both the fans and the compressors. The compressors are the scroll type. The cooling connections are made with “Y” joints (supplied as obligatory accessories). System operation is managed via microprocessor adjustment on non-polarised serial in CAN BUS protocol. 

Precision air compressing Units

The units of the P series are highly configurable for complete control of the temperature, humidity and quality of the air by means of accessories such as the humidifier, the electric post-heating unit and high efficiency filters. The direct expansion PX versions are available, with air condensing and matching remote condenser, or with water condensing and incorporated plate heat exchanger, as well as the PW version with the cooled water circuit. The PX versions present the optional DC brushless inverter compressor for efficient modulation of delivered power. The Twin Sources solution is also available, with a second alternative cooling source. The Free Cooling maximises energy savings thanks to the external air that cools the water with an external dry cooler. Advanced microprocessor electronic regulation for integrated control of the unit with a standard RS485 card.


ANL is a single-circuit chiller charged with R410a gas. It has axial fans to ensure the quietest possible machine operation, scroll compressors with a high yield and low electricity absorption, a plate heat exchanger and a finned pack copper/aluminium coil. Particularly suitable for small applications, it cools water to supply the distribution system (usually connected to fan coil type terminals). In addition, ANL can also produce domestic hot water if it is fitted with a desuperheater or total recovery system, so it’s ideal for residential and commercial contexts. It can be equipped with a hydronic kit (system side) including an expansion tank, safety valve (water side) and drain valve.